Born in Baku, Azerbaijan and raised in the wilderness of South Africa, my story is not one of falling in love with cameras at the tender age of 2, or my parents buying me my first camera. Nope, there is none of that!

Having had a long time love for hospitality, I studied tourism and spent 15 years working in hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.
A trip to South America changed all that. I bought my first camera to take along for the adventure. Feeling proud and very professional, I took my first few photos. It did not take long to realise that I suck.
Fast forward a few months, after some stubborn perserverence and practice, I started to see things differently. Armed with my trusty Nikon, and combining my love of working with people and my dark sense of humour, I started trying to capture the unique moments of life in all its glory.
That was it. The stage was set. I had fallen in love with photography, meeting the people I photograph and seeing the inner beauty of this world.
I had found the space where I can be... just me!

Enjoy my photos. I hope they inspire you to feel the same way about the world that I do: beautiful; colourful and full of hope. Each photo has a story. One which I will gladly share if we have the pleasure of meeting someday.


Jamil  "Big Chief"

Strengths: Photography & an unbalanced psyche.

Weaknesses: Cheesecakes, Playstation & anything yummy to nibble on. 

Alex "Racoon"

Strengths: Retouch.

Weaknesses: CS:GO, Baltika9 and a bad memory.

Maksim "Siberian Bear"

Strengths: Lights & decor.

Weaknesses: Chocolate, coffee, Subaru & sleep. 

Bahman "Basya"

Strengths: Photography & sense of humour.

Weaknesses: Chocolate thief, Bob Marley (music), DotA, hair products.


Vafa "Liquidator"

Strengths: Keeping it all clean and tidy.

Weaknesses: Diets and healthy food!